When you have a Masters Upgrade subscription you can quickly and easily add obstacle locations when you import a map. Once you have those locations saved:

  • You can print out your course map arranged in your layout with the correct obstacle locations shown!
  • Course builds are faster! Just click/tap anywhere near each obstacle and the cursor will automatically move to the center of jumps or each end of a contact and display the coordinates!

Here's a video showing how it works:

TIP: It is very fast/accurate to use a laptop/desktop to add all the obstacles and then use your phone or tablet to build the course! Your data is automatically shared to all your devices. (You can do everything on your mobile devices too).

Adding Obstacles

Adding obstacles in AC Master is different than other course drawing tools! It is much faster!

Add obstacles by tapping ONCE at one end and AGAIN at the same place on the other end.

  • The window opens in insert mode for Winged Jumps.
    This is so you can add all the jumps and then change to the next type of obstacle, add all of those, repeating until you are done.

  • To add a jump:
    • Tap the far end of one jump upright.
    • Tap the far end of the other jump upright.
      The center of the jump and its rotation are calculated automatically and the jump is saved.

  • Repeat until you've added all winged jumps

  • Tap the white obstacle icon in the bottom toolbar to change to another type of obstacle:
  • For other types of jumps tap the ends of the middle bar/board.
    Tapping exact locations isn't required! Courses are never built exactly matching the course map:
  • For contacts and weaves tap the center of each end:
  • For tunnels tap the center of one end, the center of the other end, AND A 3rd TAP in the middle of the curve.

When all obstacle are added tap the Done button at the top. Your changes are saved when you save the map.

Editing/Fixing Mistakes

  • If your first tap is in the wrong location, tap the select obstacle button (below) twice and start tapping to add again:
  • Tap on the dashed circle at the start, middle, or end of an obstacle and you will change to edit mode for that obstacle (or tap the select obstacle button in the bottom toolbar and then tap on the obstacle). You can use the buttons at the bottom to adjust the location/rotation, or type values in the x, y, rotation fields, or click the trash can icon to delete the component:

  • Click the Selection Mode button again to return to adding obstacles